Medical Center District

The San Antonio area is home to one of the most impressive medical centers in the entire state of Texas. Located about 10 miles northwest of the downtown area, the South Texas Medical Center spans 900 acres and includes 45 medical institutions.

Nestled in the Northwest quadrant of the city, the medical center isn’t all that the area has going for it. Northwest San Antonio is where students, healthcare professionals and tourists collide, creating an exciting atmosphere filled with possibility. Housing opportunities are prevalent throughout the area as a diverse selection of condos, townhomes and duplexes dot the community.

Also diverse is the dining and entertainment options in the area as they appeal to individuals of all budgets. Some of the more popular options, include the Irish Pub San Antonio, Fox & Hound Pub & Grill and Flying Saucer.

The importance of the San Antonio South Texas Medical Center can not be understated as it serves 38 counties and houses more than 4,200 patient beds. It’s not just for medical reasons that the center is so sought-after as it also provides a number of job and education opportunities for Lone Star state residents.

Economic Impact of the Medical Center

The South Texas Medical Center is the San Antonio region’s second-largest employment epicenter, second only to the downtown area. As of 2009, it boasted 27,884 employees and had a combined budget of around $3.3 billion. This is a huge economic boost as more healthcare professionals are coming in and calling San Antonio home because of the numerous job opportunities at the center.

Also helping matters is the city’s Biosciences industry, which employs more than 100,000 individuals with the most significant areas of research conducted at the medical center. The research done here is for the betterment of all mankind as the world’s biggest Phase I clinical trials program for the latest anti-cancer drugs is undertaken here. Also, the medical center is home to the new Children’s Cancer Research Institute, which cost $200 million to come together.


Academics At the Medical Center

Training the next generation of healthcare professionals is no small task, but the South Texas Medical Center is well equipped to accomplish just this. The marriage of education and employment occurs at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, which hosts the University Hospital teaching center, and also employs more than 12,000 individuals.


Living Near the South Texas Medical Center

Calling San Antonio home is smart for a number of reasons. A strong local economy, top-flight school districts and bustling urban center can seem to pale in comparison to close proximity to one of the leading medical centers in the state. It’s for these reasons and more that individuals far and wide are trying their hand at San Antonio real estate.

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About the Area

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